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Rollover Clause

The point of a rollover clause on bonus offers works for both sides of the wager. Sportsbooks will always put rollover clauses on bonuses to prevent people from depositing, getting the bonus and then withdrawing it all.  The rollover states you must play the entire balance at least once and usually multiple times.  If a company offers you a 20% bonus with a 3X rollover: Let’s say you deposit $100. They will give you $20 for your bonus, but you must risk a total of $300 (3 times your deposit) before you can withdraw any of that balance.

The darker side of this deal is that the sportsbook operators know that the more you risk your money the more chances you can lose it. This is why you see these ridiculous rollovers attached to great bonuses. ex. “100% bonus on deposit up to $500, 10X rollover”. That is one I saw recently. 10X rollover!  That type of clause will keep a conservative like me at bay for a year.

For a patient and recreational player, these rollover clauses are no big deal. You get a great bonus, and with time and patience you will meet your rollover clause and with any luck collect some money (maybe even more than you put in). For an aggressive player that likes to double or triple up and then get out, the rollover clause/bonus is not for you. You have to specify when depositing that you do not want the bonus and you do not want any bonus of any kind and no rollover clause. A lot of sportsbooks record their phone calls and this will be recorded proof if there is ever an issue when withdrawing.

Sportsbook Advisor Staff
July 2009