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Sharp Bettor vs. Recreational Bettor

September 25, 2017
sharp bettors

If you have been around the sports betting world for any length of time you probably have heard the term “sharp”. This term is short for “sharp bettor”. You probably have thought “what makes him a sharp?”.  Really the term is used differently by different people. Here are the varying definitions of a sharp bettor:

  1. A single bettor that wins more often than he loses.
  2. A type of bettor that increases his chances of winning using one or all of many strategies.
  3. A documented winning sports handicapper.

The strategies mentioned above in #2 are:

  1. Betting against the public money.
  2. Playing steam plays before bookie has a chance to change line.
  3. Playing other way after major line move.
  4. Betting games based on “information”, i.e., knows someone close to team who has information on something that can affect the way key players play, e.g., an undisclosed illness, personal problems, etc.

Someone who has made long-term use of these strategies and has had a history of winning more than he loses will sometimes decide to sell his betting picks for a fee. This person is called a professional sports handicapper. You can find hundred of handicappers on the internet. The best ones will publish their results and use independent monitors to verify their records.

When to Use a Handicapper

If you love betting on the games but cannot seem to pick winners yourself, it makes sense to try a professional handicapper. A documented handicapper can show results and spends much more time picking games than your average bettor.

You can also use a handicapper to compare against your own picks and then adjust accordingly. If he has the opposite pick for a the same game, you can scratch that game. If he has the same pick then you can assign more value to that pick.

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