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June 7, 2018
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There isn’t an undertaking on earth for which someone has not invented a “system” for. We put “system” in quotes because it is a word that is used quite liberally by some people to describe the madness a which they approach something. But a real system should have some logic to it and when applied properly, have a good chance at success.

A betting system is a routine that a person can use to gamble on just about any game of chance, this include sports betting. There have been many people who have claimed to have a system. Many of them work when luck is on the users side. But many also can fail horribly. Below we have listed some of the more popular and applied sports betting systems. For more sports betting info check out

1-3-2-6 system

In this system the first bet should be for 1 unit, the second bet should be for 3 units, the third bet for 2 units and the fourth bet should be for 6 units. The idea is you can turn $20 into $120 if you hit all of them in a row, having only risked the $20. This system is professed by many to be great. But in reality, games of chance don’t allow it to be successful as often as one would hope. On 81.25% attempts, the bettor will break even or LOSE money.

Martingale system

This system requires that you have a large bankroll. The idea is that you bet on an event that you have a 50/50 chance of winning. If you win, bet the same amount of money on your next bet.  But if you lose, bet your next pick, but double your bet this time. The thinking behind this system is that even if you lose many bets consecutively, at some point you will have a bet where you recover all of your funds. Then you can start over again, fresh.

This system tends to fail if there are betting limits. Also, there eventually comes a point where the gambler is risking a very large amount of money to break even.

Paroli system

In this systems you only increase your bet when you win. This way, if you lose, you lose minimal amounts. And if you hit a win streak, your winning amount is exponential.

The problem with any system is making an assumption on the games of chance. The mathematical anomaly of losing ten bets in a row in a system can be devastating to the gambler. And using a system almost always, by its design, is compulsory for you to bet again.

Sound and responsible betting is knowing when to take a break and cut your losses.

If you have a betting system you really like or a question or comment please feel free to leave it below.

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