sba names betus bet sportsbooks of 2023

Already a low rate sportsbook, uses an aggressive marketing group, talented web designers, and a great domain name to lure the unsuspecting sports bettor looking to throw down on some weekend action.  What most don’t know is that if they start winning, will invent ways to confiscate winnings and close their account.

The industry has some really bad apples out there. is as bad as it gets. They are simply rip off artists and they do not care.  They are a member of the Jazette group of sportsbooks that has dozens of sportsbooks all designed to do one thing, take in money and keep it. Some of their other very popular sportsbooks are,, and  Since SA started operations in mid 2007, we have received over a dozen verified complaints. Jazette has yet to respond to any of our emails in the last 2 1/2 years.  In fact the only thing they are consistent about, is ignoring attempts to contact them.

If you see them rated high at other sports forums or sports betting websites it’s because they spend money they have ripped off from players to purchase major advertising spots.
Below you can find their contact info if you have a few minutes and would like to take a crack at them answering some tough questions:

CS Phone: 1-888-672-2863 (NA)
0044-800-008-7612 (UK)
Local Phone: 011-506-282-1004
Fax Phone: 1-888-767-8709
Email: [email protected]

Most recent complaint that they have ignored our emails about:

Player X writes in: “Yes I have a problem with  I have been with them for 4 years and only had one problem with one bounced check about 2 years ago, since then it has been good to deal with BUT disabled my account for no reason.  I have put $700 the last two weeks, and turned that $700 into $8,000.  If you want to get a check from you can only withdrawal $2,500 at a time.  So i made a withdrawal request March 1st for the first 2,500 and received my check on march 10.  Which was good.  I made my second $2,500 withdrawal request on March 5th, and i am hoping to get it soon.  They say it is processed.  On March 10th i made yet another $2,500 withdrawal request and on March 11th disabled my account.  I get an email saying that my withdrawal request for $2,500 would be put back into my account.  I did not reverse withdrawal my request.  They said they just put it back into my account.  So i go to check my balance on my account and it says it is disabled.  My balance should be around $4,500 if they credited that one withdrawal back into my account, but i cannot even logon.  It gave me a number to call, so i did.  The support people say that they will forward my complaint to the accounting department as quickly as possible.  I keep calling and e mailing, but get the same response:  We will e mail you when we find out something. Is there any way you can help me get my money?  I should not have to go thru all of this.  I was really counting on that money.  Thanks in advance.”

Sportsbook Advisor has made several attempts to contact them in the last week and to no avail. We are downgrading them to D- until further notice.

Update: and where bought by BetOnline group in 2012 and are now considered to be among the very best sportsbooks online)


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