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SportsBook Advisor Review of Bet Revolution

Bet Revolution Sportsbook

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Rating: F


Bet Revolution Downgraded and Added to Blacklist

On July 14, 2013

Weeks after we have attempted to contact the sportsbook about no pay complaints and receiving no response, we have decided to relegate Bet Revolution to the Blacklist and downgrade their rating to F. The Sportsbook was once a highly rated sportsbook on our list having established fast payments and great customer service over the past [Continue Reading…]

Bet Revolution Sportsbook Downgrade

On June 28, 2013

Early this week we were contacted by a client of Bet Revolution Sportsbook stating he has been owed $2105 for 3 months. The customer said he understood that bank wires sometimes take longer and he was patient but now his patience was running out. At SBA we have had nothing but great feedback about Bet [Continue Reading…]

100% Bonus March Madness Offer from Bet Rev

On March 15, 2013

Bet Revolution offering limited time 100% bonus for players. Here is their press release: “The moment we waited for so long, the reason why March exists, the reason why all the cardinals are on a lockdown at the Vatican, the reason why Kim Jong Un wants to go to war with South Korea, there is MADNESS [Continue Reading…]

Older Bulletins:

November 28, 2012 New 100% Cash for Depositors from SBA

This just in: Bet Revolution has approved a deal that gives new signups and depositors from Sportsbook Advisor a 100% cash bonus. This is a huge amount and clearly one of the best we’ve seen in the industry. ”It couldn’t have come at a better time” says SBA site manager Scott Morris: “With Bowl season shaping up.

November 1, 2012 Bet Revolution (Rated A+) Multiple Bonus Options

Bet Revolution has been a top rated sportsbook with us for well over a year. The company prides themselves in giving players many options. The latest innovation is the bonus page. This is where you can choose the type of bonus that best fits your needs. In our industry the rules are simple: the higher.

September 17, 2012 Current Bet Revolution Bonuses

BetRevolution (SBA Rating A+) currently has running 2 promotions, one of 70% Cash Bonus for P2P and another of 50% Cash Bonus Credit Card deposits, they expire TONIGHT so now is the time to take advantage of these great offers. The promo codes to redeem them are as follow: 70% Cash Bonus: BREV70BP2P 50% Cash Bonus: BREVF50CC.

September 6, 2012 BetRevolution Upgraded to Highest Rating We Offer. We have worked and bet with this company for some time now and they are running on all cylinders. We have upgraded them to the coveted A+ status and they join just four other sportsbooks with that rating out of over 110 active sportsbooks we have currently rated. See Rating Chart

March 9, 2012 March Madness Special from Bet Revolution. Deposit for March Madness action and get 100% bonus. Read details from BetRev

November 25, 2011 BetRevolution (Rating A) Makes Fair Decision. Customer wrote in complaining Bet Revolution stiffed them on a bet. BetRev got back to us right away and made it be known the player bet an obvious human error (+450 when line should be -170). BetRev decided to pay player a win at the correct price of -170 to be fair even though they had it within their rights to cancel the bet, and they communicate well with Sportsbook Advisor on anything and everything. Customer is satisfied with decision as well. see

September 1, 2011 Looking for Free Football Pick Contest? BetRevolution launches free weekly picks contest based on points system where you can win real cash.

August 22, 2011 BetRevolution has Announced Latest Feature on Their Mobile Platform. All their members have now the ability to do deposits via their mobiles.

August 18, 2011 50% Deposit Bonus for New and Existing Customers from Bet Revolution. Straight forward. All deposits greater than $50 and up to $500 get a 50% CASH bonus with 12x RO

March 14, 2011 BetRevolution Upgraded to A Status and Added to “Top Sportsbook” List. These guys have really come on strong this and last year and have a great betting module and even better bonuses. We have been keeping an eye on them and have to say we are very impressed. We are upgrading them from their initial “C” introductory status to “A” status.

July 19, 2010 BetRevolution Enters Guide at C Rating. We have researched this sportsbook for a few weeks now. They are a relatively new sportsbook. Their site is dynamic and written with .aspx technology. It allows users to connect with their Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook accounts. We are bringing them in at C rating until we receive feedback further down the road. They will need time to build an online reputation.

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