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MB-SQUARES Confiscates Players Money

Sportsbook has had troubles. Not just in recent times but throughout it’s history. For years now they have been under one owner. But they have changed ownership a few times. They build their rep up and then they start screwing up again. This time they have been ignoring some clients and the site has been on and off.

Reports from the inside claim that new management as of the start of 2007 have been very shady and employees not knowing how long they will be there.

The unpredictability and shakiness of the whole entire firm has led us to rank put them on the D- rating. They may get you your money. But don’t count on it. They may get you your money, but be prepared to wait a long time.

They have a good site and name, but they just don’t have the management and probably not the bankroll to hang.

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