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Sportsbook Loses Money on Wild Card Weekend

January 7, 2019
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Chatting with sportsbook line manager George over at, we discovered that the public had a winning week. He went on to say early action for this coming weekend is on the Patriots in their game vs. the Chargers. It seems that old habits die hard and people simply cannot bet against Brady in Foxborough.

Finally, he mentions action for tonight’s college championship game: “The book lost money this weekend. Colts were the big upset of the weekend for the book. It was a good weekend for the players! Brutal loss for anybody who had the Cowboys. Lines are already out for next week’s playoff games. Most people are taking the Patriots. As for tonight’s National Championship game, the world seems to be split, money is exactly even. has been an A+ rated sportsbook with SBA for over five years and has actually been the #1 rated sportsbook in that time.

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