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Sportsbook Super Bowl Wrap Up

February 5, 2018
sportsbook betting report 2018

The game was very entertaining. Lots of scoring makes for happy fans. Our in-house picks were the opposite of what occurred. We liked NE and Under. Yuck. Not good.

This report is what we are hearing from the sportsbooks as far as how they did financially. Apparently one of the biggest hits was suffered by international bookie William Hill Sportsbook who is based in the UK but runs gambling websites as well as having over 100 locations in Las Vegas. They apparently suffered a multi-million dollar loss on last night’s game:

MGM sportsbooks are said to be in the red after the Super Bowl. One well publicized bet on the Eagles for $3 million contributed to that loss.

Online sportsbook are reporting mixed results and the wins and losses are not heavy in either direction.

The handle smashed last years betting Super Bowl records as stated here:

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