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  • Using FIP to Win Baseball Bets

    If you’re looking to win more baseball bets, you’re in the right place. Obviously, in today’s information age, there is an almost endless supply of statistics and data available to the average b...
  • Shota Imanaga

    How to Maximize MLB First Five Innings Bets

    One of the best methods to uncover value in baseball betting is wagering on the First Five innings.  It’s the equivalent of betting on the NFL’s or NBA’s first half. Bettors can more accurately...
  • Can you win at sports betting?

    Can You Really Win Sports Betting?

    Many folks automatically think that when you gamble, the house always wins. In a way, this is correct. This holds especially true for casino games where the odds aren’t good at all. But in sport...
  • Man studying games at the sportsbook

    Using Advanced Techniques to Grow Your Bankroll

    Sports bettors everywhere are looking for ways to increase their success rates. Maybe you have tried a number of different tricks with little to show. How exactly can you grow your bankroll and win mo...
  • How to bet on a scoreless first inning baseball betting strategy

    How to Bet NRFIs Successfully

    If you are not familiar with the NRFI, by the time you are done with this article, you will be. The NRFI bet – No Runs First Inning – is one of the most popular MLB wagers right now. Betto...
  • sports betting fomo

    Fear of Missing Out After Cashing Out

    For some bettors, there is a distinct fear of missing out on a bet. One of the biggest fears of missing out comes when bettors take the option to cash out early. You’ve probably seen examples of thi...
  • when to bet the puckline in the NHL

    Tips for Betting the NHL Puckline

    The traditional bets on any sport usually include moneyline, point spread, and totals wagers. This is true of NHL hockey too; however, the point spread bet is a little different. It has to be since, l...
  • how to bet college football post season

    Betting the College Football Postseason

    It won’t be long before we start talking about conference championships and bowl games. The 2023 college football season is nearing its end. MAC-tion is in full swing and teams will finish their reg...
  • bet these college football trends

    Try This Early Season College Football Trend

    In contrast to the NFL, where every team plays on opening weekend, college football has a unique Week 0 where only a few teams make their season debuts. Fourteen FBS teams began their 2023 seasons las...
  • preseason nfl betting

    How to Bet the NFL Preseason

    The 2023 NFL preseason kicked off with the annual Hall of Fame game on Thursday, August 3. The preseason will really get started next week with games Thursday through Sunday. That means that bettors w...

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