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  • Royals Climbing Back to the Top, White Sox Remain in Tailspin

    The past two seasons, the American League Pennant winner has been from the AL Central. The Kansas City Royals have dominated the American League the past two seasons having lost in the 2014 World Seri...
  • Updated 2016 World Series Odds

    The 2016 Major League Baseball is not yet one month old. However, the cream is beginning to rise to the top as teams are making their way up the futures ladder on the 2016 World Series futures board. ...
  • Chicago White Sox Have Good Value at +3300 to Win the World Series

    The 2016 World Series is way off in the distance. Spring training has just started and a full 162-game regular season awaits major league baseball. However, for those bettors looking for good value fo...

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