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  • XFL football betting strategy

    How to Bet the XFL

    After the Super Bowl, football addicts didn’t have to wait long to get their fill. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ambition to revive the XFL is off and running. The third incarnat...
  • Betting Anytime Touchdown

    How to Bet the NFL Anytime Touchdown Prop

    It is becoming one of the more popular prop bets among NFL bettors. The Anytime Touchdown prop has increased in popularity as bettors more familiar with fantasy football enter the market.  What is in...
  • The Ravens win their preseason games

    How to Bet NFL Preseason Games

    The 2022 NFL preseason is upon us and with it bettors get their first crack at betting on pro football in the new season. Betting the preseason is a bit different than the regular season as each team ...