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Official NCAA Basketball Championship Look Ahead Lines

April 3, 2021

Earlier this week, four days ago to be exact, we published our very own look ahead lines to give our readers and idea of what the championship game may look like. Our look ahead lines, while not official, help give a reader an idea of what may be around the corner and if they see […]

Final Four Preview

April 1, 2021

The NCAA has done an admirable job of putting on an NCAA tournament while navigating through the coronavirus pandemic. Only one game, a first-round matchup between Oregon and VCU, was affected by the virus. With the Final Four upon us, that game is a distant memory. Now, the focus is on one of four different […]

A Case for Betting Gonzaga to Win the NCAA Tournament Right Now

April 1, 2021

The futures odds currently have Gonzaga as the favorite to win the entire tournament at -200 moneyline odds. They are currently -14 point favorites to beat UCLA in the Final Four and will go onto face either Houston or Baylor. We have had great success in our very own look ahead lines. We have predicted […]

Sweet 16 Contest

March 23, 2021

The tournament has taken some twists and turns. Right from the jump there were a handful of really shocking upsets. Many people entered bracket contests at their workplace, with family or online. And most people have had their brackets busted with the loss of Illinois and Ohio State. But don’t fear. There is still a […]

Trends Heading Into Sweet 16

March 23, 2021

Without a tournament in 2020 due to the coronavirus, this year’s March Madness seems amplified. The madness has been insane and savvy bettors have had plenty to cheer about. In Round 1 of the NCAA tournament, every single seed – minus the No. 16s – won a game. The madness started with No. 15 Oral […]

Sweet 16 Point Spreads

March 22, 2021

And then there were 16. The tournament has been an exciting one thus far with plenty of upsets and lots of action. In this article we will give you the point spreads for the Sweet 16 round of games for 2021 NCAA tournament. The Sweet 16 The origin of the term “Sweet 16′ came about […]

How Gonzaga Compares to Undefeated Champions of the Past

March 16, 2021

Winning all of your games in a single basketball season is difficult. Winning them all and then winning the NCAA tournament is even harder. With its win over BYU in the West Coast Conference championship game, No. 1 Gonzaga will become the 20th team to enter the NCAA tournament with an unbeaten record. The Bulldogs […]

Four Huge First Round Upset Picks – 2021 NCAA Tournament

March 16, 2021

The big dance starts on Thursday with the “first five” but the true madness starts on Friday at noon ET. Most every sportsbook worth its salt is offering some sort of bracket contest. We have already entered our own picks at various online sportsbooks. Strategy You will literally be going against thousands of other entries […]

NCAA Elite Eight Predictions

March 11, 2021

Yes, it is finally that time of year. Selection Sunday is on the horizon and soon it will be time to fill in the NCAA tournament bracket. It’s always fun to pick first- and second-round upsets, but where it really counts in any bracket challenge is near the end. Who will play for the four […]

March Madness Bracket Contest

March 8, 2021

Its March 2021 and you know what that means. March Madness. College basketball teams from all over the country enter this “do or die” tournament and only one will come out victorious. And what March would be complete without a bracket contest? This year there is a March madness bracket contest which is paying out […]