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  • nhl and nba sweep?

    NHL and NBA Finals Odds Update – Both Underdogs in Danger of Being Swept

    There have only ever been two years where both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals were both decided in sweep fashion. The last time it happened was almost 30 years ago. The 1995 NJ Devils swept the...
  • NHL Stanley Cup Preview and mystery big bettor

    2024 Stanley Cup Finals: Three-Leg Parlay Could Pay $600K

    The NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals don’t start until Saturday. Game 1 is set for 8:00 p.m. Saturday night at Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida, the home of the state’s Panthers. Florida will host...
  • Last week of NHL odds 2024

    NHL Season’s Final Week – Betting Odds and More

    The 2023-24 NHL regular season is in the final stretch, a little over a week to go. Even though many of the playoff spots have been claimed, there’s still going to be games with meaning.  There are...
  • NHL Outdoor Games Preview (Saturday-Sunday)

    If you think the National Hockey League has taken the rink outside more and more, you’re not wrong. What was once a Winter Classic one-off has grown, the latest venue MetLife Stadium in the New Jers...
  • when to bet the puckline in the NHL

    Tips for Betting the NHL Puckline

    The traditional bets on any sport usually include moneyline, point spread, and totals wagers. This is true of NHL hockey too; however, the point spread bet is a little different. It has to be since, l...
  • Segei NHL

    NHL Playoff News – Vegas vs Florida

    We’ve now reached the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. This wasn’t a pairing anticipated by many. Knights Stymie Stars There was a time when the Western Conference finals appeared to be a sweep in the maki...
  • nhl playoff update

    NHL Playoff News

    The 2023 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs continue to roll right along, currently eight teams that still have a chance to win the title. That is going to be halved by the end of next week, though some teams a...
  • Goalies in the NHL playoffs 2023

    The Impact of Goalies in Betting the NHL Playoffs

    Like the pitcher in baseball, the NHL goalie has a huge impact on game outcomes. This impact is even more pronounced in the playoffs. Here is what you need to know about the impact of goalies as you b...
  • NHL playoff, division and Stanley cup odds

    Updated Last Minute NHL Stanley Cups Odds and Props

    A few teams are still trying to make the cut with less than two weeks until the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. See below for BetOnline‘s playoff odds on the Flames, Panthers, Predators, Isla...
  • NHL betting analysis

    What Is a GIFT in Hockey Betting?

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could place a hockey bet and experience the gift of winning every time? Hockey betting does offer a GIFT, but unfortunately, it is not an every-time win. The GIFT is a sp...

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