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  • Mike Trout - what could have been

    What If – A Look at the Career of an Uninjured Mike Trout

    Between 2013 and 2016, Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout averaged 158 games per season. He won two AL MVPs and finished as the MVP runner-up in the other two seasons. Trout hit .306 over those four s...
  • Cooper Kupp in college

    Best NFL Players to Come Out of Small Schools

    The Super Bowl has come and gone and the 2024 NFL year begins next month. That means the first big thing on the league calendar is the draft. The dreams of hundreds of college football players hang in...
  • What can be done to save the NBA?

    What Can be Done to Save the NBA?

    During the 2022-23 NBA season, the average broadcast of a game pulled in 1.5 million viewers. If you don’t know anything about sports and television viewership, you might think that’s a pretty big...
  • Top super bowl let downs in nfl history

    Top 5 Super Bowl Letdowns

    We all remember the Super Bowl winners. Most of us do not remember the losers. They are often forgotten over time. We may, however, remember some of these Super Bowl losers only because of the way the...
  • Kobe Bryant

    Most Loved Athletes of All-Time

    Since we put out a list of the most hated athletes of all-time, it’s only appropriate that we share our favorites. While the most disliked athletes make us cringe upon hearing their name, the most l...
  • Lebron James most hated athlete?

    Most Hated Athletes of All-Time

    Sports bring people together. The favorite teams, the big games, and don’t forget the athletes. Sports fans have their favorites, but they also have those that they just can’t stand. There are a n...
  • Is Lebron’s Career Over?

    By looking at the figures, you would never guess that LeBron James was entering his 19th season in the NBA. He’s presently averaging 27.6 points per game for the Los Angeles Lakers—the most he...

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