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  • sportsbook cash out

    What Is a Sportsbook Early Cash Out?

    Regulated sportsbooks are introducing new features to entice and keep customers sports betting spreads throughout the US. A feature referred to as a “sportsbook out” or “cash out” is one of th...
  • Taking a shot at a sportsbook

    What does “Taking a Shot” at a Sportsbook Mean?

    11:05 am EST – In the circles of sports bettors and amongst sportsbook employees, taking a shot at the sportsbook means something different than the regular Joe may think. He may think that just...
  • More Sports Terminology – Sports Betting Glossary

    We often use terminology on here that might be a bit foreign to some of our readers. Therefore, we felt the need to explain some of the betting types and terms that some of you may not understand. We ...
  • Sports Betting Terms You Need to Know

    Betting on sports isn’t a complicated process if you have the terminology down pat. Winning at sports betting…well, that’s a bit trickier. We’ll save the sports betting tips for many of our ot...

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