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February 1, 2019 absorbed into Legendz

Official Press Release by Company:


no-more-pigPanama City, Panama – Starting August 1, 2009 will be undergoing a permanent merge into its parent company, LegendZ Sports.  All current customers of The Pig will continue to have full access to their low-juice accounts at but will have to log in through beginning in August.

The Pig will no longer accept new customers as of July 8, 2009, but LegendZ will be glad to welcome them on board. For a current customer of The Pig,

thepig no more nothing will change except for the website address they will have to log in from.  While The Pig operations wind down, customers can continue to access their current The Pig accounts via the website

Contact: The merger is a direct result of changes to the strategic management of the brands and responds to an effort by LegendZ to concentrate its customers under its strongest brand.  As explained by Management: “After a couple of years of running The Pig brand, we realized that our core brand, LegendZ, has all the brand values that were intended for The Pig, so why not just bring them together and focus on making our core business even stronger?”  LegendZ has experienced sustained success and the idea is to optimize operations.

Marketing Department
Legendz Sports
Note: (added 2014) Company has since been disbanded (Both Legends and Pig)