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Top MLB Earners in 2018 Thus Far

April 10, 2018

The season is very young. Most teams only have about ten games in the books. The season is 162 games long. But it is never too early to look at trends or stats. These numbers can help you decide which teams are earning money for backers. You can adjust your betting picks accordingly.

The earnings reported below are configured on a $100 per game scale. That means whatever amount of money needed to have to win $100 is risked. Conversely, the underdogs only risk $100 and get paid out $100+

Mets +$700
D’Backs +$675
Red Sox +$420
Angels +$380
Pirates +$380
Braves +$360
Astros +$265
Toronto +$180
Mariners +$140
Brewers +$100
Giants +$100
Cubs -$40
Tigers -$40
Twins -$10
Orioles -$50
Royals -$80
Rockies -$125
Marlins -$150
Nationals -$180
Indians -$190
White Sox -$200
Phillies -$205
Yankees -$230
Cardinals -$250
Rangers -$260
Padres -$270
A’s -$360
Reds -$450
Dodgers -$460
Rays -$570

As you can see the Dodgers and the Rays are the worst earners thus far. This usually happens every year to a team with high expectations (Dodgers) that starts off losing some games with their top pitching at the helm (They lost a game where Kershaw pitching and was -300. This will sink a season start for team backers.). Or a team that just cannot win (Tampa Bay Rays).

The Mets are the top earners, having gone on the road and winning games against good teams with a great ace pitching. The Mets are currently 8-1 straight up.

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