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Top Sportsbook 50% Bonus and Tourney Entry

March 16, 2016

Our top rated sportsbook has rolled out a very good offer sheet specifically for the NCAA tournament which starts tomorrow at 12:15 pm EST. (Rating A+) if offering an entry into their tournament contest which is giving away $10,000 guaranteed. The entry is free. Just signup and deposit now. Use promo code: MADNESS16

The bonus amount depends on the deposit amount. Here is the sliding scale:

50% Bonus: Deposit $500 or more
45% Bonus: Deposit $400 to $499
40% Bonus: Deposit $300 to $399
35% Bonus: Deposit $200 to $299
30% Bonus: Deposit $100 to $199
25% Bonus: Deposit $50 to $99

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