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Two Teams with Super Bowl LI Value on Futures Board

November 23, 2016

Super Bowl LI is only two and a half months away, but that does not stop odds makers from making adjustments to their futures board and sports bettors from trying to find the best value on the board to place their money on.

Two such teams that have good value are the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants.

The Raiders and Giants have played much better than expected. Oakland is 8-2 straight up and 7-3 against the spread, while New York is 7-3 SU and 6-3-1 ATS.

Both teams started the season optimistic, but many fans of both teams are surprised they are still knocking on the door for postseason play entering Week 12 of play.

Both teams are long shots on the futures board to win the title. The Raiders can be found between 16 to 1 and 35 to 1, while the Giants are between 20 to 1 and 66 to 1, depending upon the sportsbook.

At those prices, both teams are worth some form of wager, albeit a small one. The Giants have been known to surprise people just ask New England who lost to the underdog Giants in the Super Bowl.

Oakland is likely the team out of these two that will go further than the Giants. The point differential for Oakland this season is plus-22. The team has one of the league’s best offenses with Derek Carr a top 5 candidate for MVP, but the defense for the Raiders is No. 28 out of 32 teams.

New York has a point differential of minus-2 but the team is playing well with the exception of their running game and special teams.

Eli Manning the Giants quarterback and a number of teammates are accustomed to these situations, as they have beaten the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl.

Oakland’s remaining schedule looks easier than does that of the Giants.

The Raiders have good value for a small wager, to win Super Bowl LI.