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Wagerweb Assuming Legends Balances

April 21, 2013

legendsApparently WagerWeb (Rating A+) is assuming the balances of freshly out of business Legends Sportsbook.  The reporting on the rollover for these newly transferred accounts have varied but it appears it may be as high as a 10X rollover.  Earlier in the week it was reported as a 2X rollover which would have been much more fair to players.

Legends was shut down by the Panamanian government after the U.S. officials served indictments on multiple businesses and individuals living inside and outside of the U.S.

We are awaiting a response from our contact a Wager Web to confirm details. Stay tuned.


We have confirmed with our sources about the account takeovers. But the rollover amount is 5X’s not 2 or 10 like stated in other places.