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What is a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of bet where you string together multiple picks (much like a parlay) and you can move the spread any direction you like. However, it does not payout like a parlay. It usually pays a little less than even money.

Two Team Teasers

This teaser allows you to move the line on two games by 6 points in football. Lets say you have two favorites which are favored by 7 points, you can make both of them favored by just 1 point with the teaser. At BetOnline, a six point two team teaser pays 11.5 to 10 (-115). So you are actually paying a little bit more than your standard vig.

Three Team Teasers

If you put another team in your teaser bet, you can now get paid a higher multiple. At BetOnline, a three-team six-point football teaser pays 1 to 1.6 or +160.


You can actually play with the amount of points you are moving your teaser and it will affect the odds. The standard teaser is 6 points for football and 4.5 point for basketball. You can see the options from below:

Teaser odds and options


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