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SBA Endorses Brand New Sports Betting Book

September 13, 2017

When we say we endorse a sports book people usually think it means an up and coming sportsbook where one places their wagers.. not this time. This is the kind in which you read and glean knowledge. It is called FOOTBALL BETTING MADE EASY and is available on Amazon and was written by John Rothschild, a sports handicapper with many sports wagering years under his belt.

This is not a paid endorsement.  This is simply us recommending a great book for our readers. Whether you are new to sports betting or have had plenty of experience, this book is a must read. It delves into the fundamentals and tests your comprehension of sports betting at the end. There are great and entertaining real life experiences woven into the betting knowledge as well.

Some examples of chapters that really should excite the serious sports bettor:

Chapter 2: How to Think Differently From Everyone Else. – This one is especially important because we all know in the end the books profit. Sportsbooks outlast people’s bankroll. They allow you to burn yourself out.

Chapter 9: The Biggest Wagering Mistakes. – Self explanatory. Stop these bad habits and stop losing money.

Chapter 11: Angles That Work Best for College Football. – This is one chapter 11 you shouldn’t avoid.

Chapter 14: Angles That Work Best for the NFL. – A must read for cashing in Sundays.

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