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  • BetUS TV

    What is BetUS TV?

    BetUS TV is a daily sports preview and picks series featured at which is shared via YouTube and can be found on a especial TV section of their website. To find it, simply click the link abov...
  • Super BOwl 58 pick

    Super Bowl 58 Futures Odds and Our Underdog Value Pick

    And then there were 8. The wild card round saw little excitement with only one close game: Detroit vs LA, which came down to the wire.  But the wil card weekend mostly saw blowout duds like KC vs Mia...
  • NFL betting strategy

    The Golden Rules of NFL Betting Preached by the Experts

    Have you ever wondered what secrets the experts use to place successful NFL bets? In this article, we unveil the golden rules preached by the pros themselves, giving you the knowledge to make informed...
  • handicapping the nba's worst teams

    Handicapping the NBA – Bad Teams Down the Stretch

    When handicapping the NBA, here’s how to handle bad teams. Key Points – Bettors can make money on bad NBA teams. – In handicapping the NBA, don’t forget about teams that will not make the post...
  • college football opt out list

    Betting Bowl Games Will Never be the Same Because of Transfer Portal

    Actually, the title to this article should be longer but we left out part of it for the sake of brevity. The title should be “Betting Bowl Games Will Never be the Same Because of Transfer Portal...
  • Super Bowl 57 point system handicapping approach

    The Numerical Approach to Betting Super Bowl LVII

    Every year, billions of dollars are staked on the Super Bowl. Although fans love it, they would love it even more if they were winning more bets. What if it was possible to predict who would win the S...
  • Betting college basketball winning formula

    Using the Four Factors Model to Bet on College Basketball

    Sports bettors are constantly looking for ways to increase their winnings. Bettors familiar with Dean Oliver should think about incorporating his Four Factors Model into their betting strategy as the ...
  • How to Handicap home field advantage

    The Three Point Rule in Football Handicapping

    Handicapping a sport is loosely defined as applying a method or formula to a sporting event in order to prognosticate the outcome. This outcome may be a straight-up winner or a winner against the spre...
  • NFL Handicapping contest 2022

    NFL Handicapping Contest – Early Bird Special

    When it comes to real money NFL handicapping contests there are only a few online that are worth the time and effort. One of those is put on every year by the good folks at 2022 is no dif...
  • About Hammerin' Hank Goldberg

    Remembering Legendary Handicapper Hank Goldberg

    It was probably fitting that former ESPN NFL reporter and handicapping expert Hank Goldberg passed away at age 82 on July 4. Hammerin’ Hank, as he was known, was born on the Fourth of July in 1940. ...

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