Facebook IPO Odds and Prop Bets

May 15, 2012

Here are some props regarding facebook’s IPO this Friday.

What will be facebook’s opening trade price on May 18th?

Over $60                       -120
Under $60                     -120

What will be facebook’s closing trade price be on May 18th?

Within 10% of opening price        +150
Outside 10% of opening price      -200

What will facebook’s trade price close on December 31st 2012 compared to it’s opening price May 18th?

10$ higher or more                     -130
Under $10 higher                        -110

Who will Mark Zuckberg admit to be in a relationship first?

Actress                                     2/1
Musician                                   3/1
Professional Athlete                   5/1
Facebook employee                   3/2

What will Mark Zuckerberg be wearing when facebook goes public May 18th?

Suit Jacket                    +150
Sweatshirt/Hoodie          -200

* If neither all wagers will be No Action. First pictures or live shots on May 18th

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