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  • Prop bets and where they began

    Some of the Most Ridiculous Prop Bets of All-Time

    Bettors can find prop bets for virtually every sporting event listed on a betting board at any given sportsbook. Props are immensely popular and can make any sporting event more fun to watch.  The fe...
  • TD props for the Super Bowl

    Super Bowl LVII Prop Picks – Bet These Right Now!

    This could very well be the year where sportsbooks take in more money on Super Bowl player props than they do on the game’s point spread. It happened last year at one prominent sportsbook. The book ...
  • super bowl 57 full props list

    Full Super Bowl 57 Prop List

    The game is drawing near and now is the time to start thinking about which props you are going to wager. There list potential items you can bet on is as large and impressive as it has ever been. The p...
  • Super Bowl Props - Should I bet them?

    Super Bowl Props – Are They Worth Betting?

    Prop bets on the Super Bowl increase the thrill of the big game for both novice and seasoned gamblers. While some may argue over their existence, all the seasoned bettors and experts believe that they...
  • betting trends in 2022

    Top Sports Betting Trends in 2022

    The sports betting industry has grown immensely over the past several years. Part of the growth is due to an expanded betting population. In the U.S., legislative changes have allowed 30 of the 50 sta...
  • Quick Super Bowl 56 bonus offer

    Super Bowl 56 Sportsbook Special Bonus Offer & Prop Report

    Sportsbooks around the country are putting together ways to get players involved by making the Super Bowl a multi-faceted betting event. Gone are the days of just picking the winner against the spread...
  • Gruden gets fired on his day off

    Odds for Raiders Next Coaching Hire

    The Raiders asked Head Coach Jon Gruden to resign yesterday amidst reports of some nasty emails he sent ten years ago. The contents of the emails are said to be slanderous, racial and homophobic. Basi...
  • Prop Builder Online Sportsbook

    New Prop Builder Tool at BetAnySports

    One fascinating way to bet sports is to bet props. A prop, or proposition bet, is one which takes place outside of the standard side and total bets. These bets allow you to bet more seemingly detailed...
  • NBA Finals Prop Sheet 2021

    2021 NBA Finals Prop List

    The NBA Finals are upon us and even though the NBA isn’t as exciting in recent years as it was in the days of MJ and the Bulls or Kobe and the Lakers, there is still some good entertainment to b...
  • NCAA tournament prop bets

    March Madness Sweet 16 Props

    No major sporting event is complete without a prop bet offering. The Sweet 16 round of the 2021 NCAA basketball tournament is no exception. Listed below are some of the best props on the board. You ca...

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