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NHL Playoffs: Devils vs Rangers Prop Bets on Wager Web

Scott Morris | May 23, 2012

Watching the NHL Playoffs tonight? Want to bet on more than just the winner of the game? Check out Wager Web where you can be on the following:

Winner of the opening faceoff- Devils and Rangers both at -115, which means to win $10 you must risk $11.50.

Team to score first goal- Devils are -105, Rangers are -135. Apparently they feel the Rangers wills score first. To win $10 on the Devils, you only risk $10.50 but on the Rangers you must risk $13.50.

Will there be a goal in the first ten minutes of the game? Yes is -105, No is -135. So they feel likely there won’t be an early score as you need to risk $13.50 to win $10 on no and only $10.50 on yes.

Will the game go into overtime? Yes is at +210, No is -325. So they feel very strongly the game will be settled in regulation. A $10.00 bet on yes will win you $21.00 and to win $10 on no, you need to risk $32.50.

First team to score three times- Devils are at +155. Rangers are at +140. Neither is at +185. So $10 on the Devils will win you $15.50, on the Rangers it will win you $14.00 and if we have a low scoring affair it will pay you $18.50. Apparently they like the Rangers to win this game as they seem to be slight favorites in these bets.

Team to score first wins the game- Yes is at -285 and no is +190. So to win $10 on yes you must risk $28.50 and a $10 bet on no will win you $19.00.

First period goals– No goals is +150, one goal is +140, two goals is +260 and three goals is +475. So a $10 bet on an early shootout and you could be up $47.50.

Margin of victory- These range from each team winning by one goal all the way to five goals. If you risk $10.00 on either team wining in a five goal blowout, you will win you $400.00. A four goal game will win you $250.00.

So there you go. You can place several bets on this game and give yourself a reason top stay glued to the TV, even if you’re a Flyers or Penguins fan.

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