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NBA Team Props On Bovada

June 1, 2012

When you watch the NBA Playoffs and you want some action on the game, you don’t have to just pick a team. There are all sorts of things you can place a wager on before each game on Bovada.

For instance, for Game Three of the Heat Celtics series they have these bets you can place:

Which team will score first? Miami -115 Boston -115. So either team will require you to risk #115.00 to win $100.00.

First team to score 10 points: Miami -105 Boston -125. I guess they feel Boston will get off to a quick start?

First team to score 20 points:  Miami -105 Boston -135. I guess they like the Celtics will win the first quarter?

First team to make a three-point shot: Miami -120 Boston -110. They like Miami to launch from the outside. I guess that’s why Boston will take the lead?

We have some over/under bets too. Such as:

Total number of three-point shots made in the game: 10.5  Over -115 Under -115.

Total number of three-point shots made by Miami: 5.5  Over -130 Under EVEN. Interesting how instead of adjusting the number they played with the odds there. If they felt odds were over would win, Since they want you to risk $130.00 on the over, why not make the number 6?

Total number of three-point shots made by Boston: 5  Over -125  Under -105.

What do they thing the score might be? These should give you a clue.

First half points Miami: 45  Over -115  Under -115

First half points Boston: 46 Over -115 Under -115.

Team Total Points Miami: 89.5  Over -115 Under -115

Team Total Points Boston: 91 Over -115 Under -115

So evidently they like the Celtics to win 91-89 or something thereabout. Disagree? Well, here are some bets you can make. You can predict what you think the point spread will be. For instance if you think the Heat will win by 7 or 8, you can get 10-1 odds. And of course you have several alternate point spreads. So if you like the Heat by 7 and you want the Heat , you can get the Heat -4.5 points at +220. So you bet $100 to win $220.00 instead of the regular line which is Miami +3 at -115.

If you check this site every day before the NBA Playoffs, you can get these type bets down on each game. That should keep the rest of the playoffs interesting for you even if your team isn’t playing anymore.