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After Big Trades Miami Heat Odds Shorten Greatly

February 6, 2020

The Miami Heat were already seen as a big surprise by many fans and so-called experts in the NBA. The team that was middling in talent last season picked up Jimmy Butler in the off-season as well as some other good talent. People knew that they were definitely heading in the right direction but they […]

Lebron James Next Team Odds

June 12, 2018

Why on Earth people bet certain props is beyond me. I mean, the likelihood that you have real inside information on a national topic is remote. But, some people get hunches and they want to bet on them. One of the more popular betting props on the board right now is where will Lebron James […]

Miami Heat Win Streak Over/Under

March 19, 2013

“The Heat are always a heavily bet team and due to their current streak their spreads are reflecting this, so I would not say they are more heavily bet on a daily basis on the spread. However, even at 11/10, they are still seeing the highest volume of money wagered on them to win the […]

NBA Finals Props Bets on Bovada

June 11, 2012

The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will meet in the NBA Finals. Here are some bets you can get down before the series starts on Bovada. NBA Finals MVP odds: I like Chris Bosh at 15-1. He could be a force and $100.00 would pay you $1500.00. I also like Wade at 7-1. […]

NBA Team Props On Bovada

June 1, 2012

When you watch the NBA Playoffs and you want some action on the game, you don’t have to just pick a team. There are all sorts of things you can place a wager on before each game on Bovada. For instance, for Game Three of the Heat Celtics series they have these bets you […]