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NBA Finals Props Bets on Bovada

June 11, 2012

Betting NBA Finals

The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will meet in the NBA Finals. Here are some bets you can get down before the series starts on Bovada.

NBA Finals MVP odds:

I like Chris Bosh at 15-1. He could be a force and $100.00 would pay you $1500.00. I also like Wade at 7-1. $700.00 on a $100.00 bet on a guy wearing a ring already, that sounds like a good bet.

I like Westbrook at 5-1 for the Thunder. He is a real threat to win it. $100.00 on him pays $500.00.

From there we have a lot of over/under bets on the star players. You can bet on average points per game for James, Wade, Bosh, Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Harden and Chalmers. On the guards you can also bet on assists per game and the big guys you can bet on the rebounds per game.

Normally it’s a good idea to bet the under on scoring in the playoffs, but I would be careful about going under on Lebron after those last two games against the Celtics. He looks like he is ready to take over as the next Kobe/Jordan/Magic/Bird type playoff player.

Here are some other bets you can place on Bovada for the NBA Finals:

In Game 1 you can get Miami +5 or the Thunder -5. The over/under on the game is 194. Odds on the over and the under are both -110.I like the under for Game One.

Odds on the series have Miami at +150 and Oklahoma City at -170. I really like Miami to win the series. A $1,000.00 bet on the Heat would pay $1,500.00. I would take that bet. I don’t think Lebron is going to be denied this time.

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