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Betfair Reports Record Numbers on Wimbledon

Matt Dominique | September 13, 2012

Over all Soccer betting numbers are down for world wide sportsbooks but many, like BetFair (SBA Rating B-) claim the slow start was more than made up for with a record setting amount of action on Wimbledon. Betfair reports that more than £58 million of bets were taken on the July tennis match in which Murray lost to Roger Federer.

European Sportsbooks blame the slow start on Olympic betting which just ended weeks ago. “August was softer than we would have liked due to less interest in other sports and a slower start to the football season,” said Stephen Morana, Betfair’s finance director, who announced on Tuesday he will be stepping down once his successor, Breon Corcoran, assumes the position. “[The Olympics] has detracted from other sports . . . there’s been a natural cannibalization [of business].” *

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Betfair is a betting exchange, a company that allows players to essentially take action from one another much like a stock market allows people to trade stocks with one another. Betfair claims to be the first betting exchange online.

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