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The Top 5 Best Slot casino recommended by Betmentor

July 13, 2020

Casinos with Highest Slot Payouts Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games, of any type whether it is online casino or land-based casinos. The main ambition of players is to win, yet the main ambition of casinos is to earn money. You might think about how this kind of gambling can exist. […]

New Jersey Releases Betting Numbers for February 2019

March 13, 2019

The leader in the legalization is sports betting at the state level was New Jersey. Their efforts in the court of law paved the way for the repeal of the PAPSA legislation, which now allows for states to legalize and regulate sports betting. As if there was any doubt, sports betting has been a huge […]

William Hill Fined 6.2M Pounds

February 21, 2018

It was announced this week by Britain’s Gambling Commission that the UK sportsbook William Hill did not do enough to enforce anti-laundering rules and had allowed ten people to deposit large funds with the ultimate intention to launder them. People looking to launder money from criminal activity will sometimes try to use casinos and sportsbooks […]

Legalized and Regulated Sports Betting State by State News

February 9, 2018

Sports betting has been in a grey area in the United States for quite some time. Some states and cruise boats allow it while others don’t. But, anyone can find an online bookie to take their bet anywhere in the world. US lawmakers are aware of this and are looking for ways to allow people […]

Pete Rose’s Betting Sheets Analyzed

June 22, 2015

Pete Rose, baseball’s all time hit leader, was banished from baseball after a 1989 raid on his former bookie’s house in New York led to the discovery that Rose was illegally betting on baseball while he was a player and a manager. Baseball’s rules strictly prohibit betting on baseball in any way while you are […]

I Hope This Guy hedged His Bet

September 18, 2014

A man in the State of Delaware in The United States bet $5 on a 15 team parlay ticket this past weekend.  If won, the ticket would pay out a whopping $100,000.  It all came down to the Eagles vs Colts game on Monday Night Football. He needed Colts -3. Can you guess where this […]

Betfair Reports Record Numbers on Wimbledon

September 13, 2012

Over all Soccer betting numbers are down for world wide sportsbooks but many, like BetFair (SBA Rating B-) claim the slow start was more than made up for with a record setting amount of action on Wimbledon. Betfair reports that more than £58 million of bets were taken on the July tennis match in which […]