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What is Your Sportsbook Rated?

October 7, 2012

All too often we get complaints about sportsbooks and people say things like “If I had only known you had them rated at D- I would never have sent them my money.” It seems logical that one would investigate a company before sending them the hard earned cash. But several things prevent this from happening. Sometimes people make impulse decisions and don’t do the research; sometimes they read a bogus review set up by the very same scam book they are investigating; and other times they just cannot find any feedback on a sportsbook at all.

We created this company to give honest ratings on sportsbooks. We only list active sportsbooks and don’t clutter our site with information about old shut down sportsbooks. The ratings and grades on our site are voted on by a four man panel.  If you do not see your sportsbook it is because we do not have enough information on them yet. That should be a sign to not use them in that case.

We gather our information from dozens of blogs and forums on the web as well as website visitor feedback. We also use our own personal experiences when rating sportsbooks. Before you choose a new sportsbook make sure to check them out at our site If they are rated A or B you should be fine with them.  If they are rated C or below there is a likelihood you will have problems with them. Find out what your sportsbook is rated here. Or search our site here.

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