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  • Baker props - Brady props - nfl props week 1 - 2022

    NFL Week 1 Props Odds – Brady – Mayfield – More

    This is it. Week 1 of the 2022 edition of the NFL and fans are chomping at the bit for some action. Watching NFL football on the weekends is as ubiquitous as leaves changing color, pumpkins, and coole...
  • free shirt and hat from SBA

    Free Hat & Shirt Giveaway

    As per usual this time of year, we like to give away free SBA gear. If you are planning on depositing at a sportsbook this fall then this post is for you. For any person who signs up and deposits any ...
  • SBA moves to Facebook

    We’re Over Here Now – SBA Moves its Social Media to Facebook

    Many readers enjoyed getting their updates from SBA on their Twitter. We usually would share tips, trends and most recent articles on there. Because of Twitter’s policies and us constantly havin...
  • research sportsbooks reputation online

    The Importance of Sportsbook Reviews and Grades

    Since the dawn of the internet, sports gambling has been sort of “the wild west”. There were sportsbooks popping up left and right. They mainly were located in any one of 10 or 12 countrie...
  • free shirt and hat from SBA

    Free Hat and Shirt Offer Valid Again

    Are you ready for some Football?!! We are offering a free SBA shirt, Hat and a free football handicapping book to anyone who is a first time depositor at one of our top rated sportsbooks. Rules: Must ...
  • Best Sports Betting Blog

    SBA Named Top 5 Sports Betting Blog

    This post isn’t being created as simply a bragging piece about being chosen as top five sports betting blog online by feedspot (award given to top 20). Although, we are proud of that, we really ...
  • time running out offer

    Free SBA Gear Offer Expires in Two Days

    Many people have taken advantage of this one of  a kind offer. In simple terms you deposit at sportsbook and get free hat, shirt and paperback book. $50 worth of gear and you only have to deposit $50...
  • free shirt and hat from SBA

    Free Shirt, Hat and Book from SBA

    Update (July 2, 2019): Back by popular demand, we are offering this again this year. See here for details: Free Hat, shirt and book 2019 -start original post- Its that time of year where we start gear...
  • Free Picks to be Featured on Main Site Feed

    For the last ten years our sports picks have been featured on a separate page, called, which is a subdomain of our main site. Now, in order to streamline all the information...
  • Live Sportsbook Odds Added

    Sportsbook Advisor has carried insider sportsbook information for nearly ten years now and has given away thousands of free picks. Now you can get live odds from our top featured sportsbooks all in th...

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