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Why Use an SBA Recommended Book?

Scott Morris | December 4, 2012

We stand behind our recommended sportsbooks.  Why? We chose these sportsbooks as our recommended because we have a relationship with the managers and if any player we refer ever has a major issue, we can get on it right away.  We have even been able to help players we didn’t refer personally.

A recent example: Last we received an email: “Why do you have TopBet as a recommended Sportsbook? They haven’t paid me yet!?”

We asked this person to fill out the contact form completely with his account number, full name and the specific issue he was having. We contacted our guy at TopBet with the details. TopBet was able to ascertain the issue was a simple communication problem and the guy was taken care of right away.

We have been able to help hundreds of players and many that were not our referrals and even many that were not using a sportsbook that we recommended. Sportsbook Advisor always strongly suggests that you use a sportsbook rated A or B on our Sportsbook Rating Guide.

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