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Ladbrokes on Pace for Great Year

Scott Morris | March 5, 2013

ladbrokesBritish bookie Ladbrokes (SBA Rating B+) is on pace this year to set own earnings records. Many feel they have been behind in the online sportsbook market until just recently. They are now considered to be an online sports betting force. This was accomplished with more aggressive online marketing as well as their 30 million Euro buyout of Betdaq.  Ladbrokes is the number 2 bookie out of the UK behind leader William Hill (SBA rating A-).

Revenues for the first six weeks of this year have been 7.2% higher than the same period last year. This is due to the larger market share as well as inconsistent performances by the premier teams in the English Premier League. Simply put, more people are losing and the sportsbook is making more money.

About Ladbrokes: Ladbrokes has been a long time brick and mortar shop in England and have been online for quite some time as well. They are late comers to the mobile app market as their apps are just launching this year for the first time.  Some of their online competitors have had mobile apps for several years.

The website is a simple design. It does not have a bunch of flashy graphics.  It is a simple red colored layout.  The site features 24 different language options which is quite impressive.  They also have just about every deposit and withdrawal option you can imagine.

Moving forward more growth is expected from the company. It’s stock is up about 50% over the last six months or so. There is plenty of operating capital and plans to be even more aggressive with online marketing once the apps are released. They do not allow wagers from the United States, France and Turkey because of restrictions in those countries.

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