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  • NFL NFC Championship Detroit at San Francisco FREE PICK

    The second of two conference title games is in Santa Clara Sunday evening, a pair of (regular- season) 12-5 teams in the NFC North champion Detroit Lions and NFC West-best San Francisco 49ers. Detroit...
  • NFL injury report

    Key Injuries Heading into Week 4 of the 2023 NFL Season

    Injuries have always been a part of the NFL and Week 3 of the 2023 regular season wasn’t any different. Key players, one after the other, were forced off the field altering the course of events for ...
  • nhl playoff update

    NHL Playoff News

    The 2023 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs continue to roll right along, currently eight teams that still have a chance to win the title. That is going to be halved by the end of next week, though some teams a...
  • Super Bowl handle report 2023 Super Bowl 57

    Super Bowl 57 Handle Expected to Break Records

    A new record is expected to be set for the amount of money bet on the Super Bowl this year. According to a survey by the American Gaming Association, it’s predicted that American gamblers will w...
  • fubo sportsbook fails

    U.S. Based Sportsbooks – Not Exactly a License to Print Money

    It is a long held belief that the house always wins when it comes to betting. Although the house usually does win in the long run, it is not always a guarantee. The gamble goes both ways. The players ...
  • Countries where sports betting is most popular

    Top Five Most Active Sports Betting Countries

    Gambling on sporting events has been around as long as there have been games to wager on. Betting on sports has really taken off over the last several years. Part of the reason is the opening up of se...
  • People placing a wager in New Jersey sportsbook

    Which State Bets the Most on Sports + Other Betting Demographics

    There are now 33 states that have some form of state-sanctioned sports betting and more states have legislation in process to do the same. And with online sportsbooks you can bet from all 50 states. H...
  • Kenny Pickett report

    Week 2 NFL Preseason Report Card

    With a shortened three-week preseason in the NFL, Week 2 is when most of the starters see the field, and when most of the players who are going to make impacts in the regular season secure their spots...
  • Vegas handle report 2022 and 2021

    Is Vegas Suffering From Legalized Sports Betting in the U.S.?

    Online sports betting has been happening in Nevada, primarily Las Vegas, since 2010. It was the only state in the U.S. with legal sports betting until 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the P...
  • NCAA basketball tournament handle report

    2022 NCAA Tourney Action Report

    The big dance is upon us and action has been flying at all the various online sportsbooks. In fact, this year is expected to break all previous betting handle records. The public loves to get down on ...

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