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Sportsbook Blacklist Reminder

October 5, 2013

If you have explored our website, you might have noticed one of the tabs is marked ‘Sportsbook Blacklist‘. Be sure to check out these blacklisted sites before deciding to place a sports bet, it might save you the time and trouble dealing with being ripped off by less than reputable sites. You might be wondering what these sites have done to earn the very serious consequences that come with being blacklisted. Here are some of the things you might experience if you deal with one of these websites.

The worst offense that can be committed by a sportsbook site is to not pay out to or delay paying their players. Many of these sites may have once been on the up and up but due to poor financial decisions or just unethical practices have failed their customers. Other sites were set up just to scam players with never having the intention of paying out. Many of these blacklisted sites eventually close down once they are labeled as such, but be sure to check our list often to protect yourself and your money.

Unfortunately, the sites on our list have been blacklisted because they have been proven to consistently scam players. If this has happened to you there are some steps you can take to possibly recoup some of your lost money and to warn other players of the sites with less than stellar business practices so they don’t get burned too. After experiencing a non-payout or slow playout, you can start by informing our site so we can begin the process of informing others by getting the unethical site on our list. There are also various gaming associations that some online sportbooks may be members of such as the Off Shore Gaming Association. If the site you have experienced issues with is a member of one of these sites, the associations might be able to help resolve the issue and will still give it a try even if they are not a member, although the possibility for success is diminished.

Protect yourself and your investments by doing some homework to ensure that you are trusting your money with reputable sportsbook sites. Make part of your protection regiment as we routinely update our ratings of all sites featured on our website using letter grades, A+ (top notch) through F (stay far away) to keep you informed and in the game. Be sure to check back often!