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NFL Week 11 Snapshot

November 14, 2013

With week ten of the NFL 2013-2014 season all wrapped up the likely prospects for the playoffs and Superbowl are emerging and the lines for this week are available. With seven full weeks left in the regular season, here is a look at some of the current lines out for week 11.

Coming off a bi-week, the undefeated AFC leader Kansas City Chiefs are facing off against the Denver Broncos. Sitting right behind the Chiefs in the AFC West standings at 8 and 1, this is the first of two match-ups the teams are facing this season. The Chiefs and Broncos are two of the most, if not the most, dominant teams in the league at the moment. While the Chiefs are the only unbeaten team left this season, they are the underdogs coming into this game. Peyton Manning has had an amazing season so far and with the Broncos playing at home, it is unlikely they will fall. The point spread is set at 7.5 for the Chiefs and -7.5 on the Broncos with the money line at 320 for the Chiefs and -320 for the Broncos.

Another terrific matchup to watch out for this week is the Indianapolis Colts versus the Tennessee Titans. The Colts are certainly going to be fired up after a rough week 10, losing at home 38-8 to the St. Louis Rams. While the Colts seem to be the stronger team, they do not have the game on lockdown by any means. The Titans also have a lot to gain in the AFC South if they pull out a win this week. The spread for the game is giving the Colts a -3 and the Titans a 3 with a money line of 148 to the Colts and 128 to the Titans.

And finally, love them or hate them, the Patriots enter week 11 leading the AFC East and are facing the Carolina Panthers. Although the Patriots are entering the match-up with a better record than Carolina, they are still being sold as the underdogs, albeit small ones. The spread for this game sets the Pats at 2.5 and the Panthers at -2.5 with a money line of 130 to the Pats and -150 to the Panthers.

There have been some big surprises and let downs already with season so who knows what this week will have in store! Who would have guessed the Chiefs would be the last team standing undefeated 10 weeks in and who predicted the Steelers struggling at the bottom of the AFC North, going 0 and 4 before finally pulling out a win in week 6. Here’s looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store.