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XLVIII Prop Bet Results, Quote and Super Bowl XLIX odds

February 3, 2014

“Despite starting in the hole with another Super Bowl safety the book bounced back nicely in what was as predicted our highest bet Super Bowl ever. We saw a steady pace on Denver money for 2 weeks leading up to the game with some late Seahawks money but we were still big Hawks fans and actually […]

Super Bowl Alternative Lines and Final Picks

February 2, 2014

Russell Wilson is an incredibly young quarterback, but many people have had no problem with putting the weight of the Super Bowl on his shoulders. People don’t seem to like the fact that Broncos have come out on top with the spread advantage of -3. Seeing as Peyton has the chance the rip up the […]

Taking Your Chances With The Super Bowl

February 1, 2014

Like any other sport that we have come to know and love, football has one final game at the end of it’s season to wrap things up. This game not only crowns the champion of the league, but it allows for teams to see who is truly “the best of the best”. The Super Bowl […]

Super Bowl XLVIII: Who Should I Put My Money On?

January 31, 2014

Sports wagering isn’t anything that’s particularly new to us in this modern day and age. Everybody and their second cousin has been in some sort of sports bet, whether it was a hockey game or a round of golf; there’s always money to be made when the stakes are high. The stakes couldn’t any higher […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Betting

January 30, 2014

EITHER TEAM SCORES IN FIRST SIX MINUTES (Yes +105, No -125) This one seems like a gimme. The Broncos are defensively deficient, and the Seahawks could fall victim to a hurry-up offence executed by Peyton Manning. Betting YES at +105 is free money on the table. At the very least, Matt Prater is going to […]

Super Bowl Props Delay

January 23, 2014

As you may know, every year the oddsmakers put together a list of prop bets that allows bettors to wager on a myriad of things. You can bet on who will score the first TD, who will win the coin toss and even what color the Gatorade will be for each team.  Usually these props […]

NFC Championship Preview and Pick 2014

January 16, 2014

Brought to you By CarbonSports What we already know about the NFC Championship game is relatively straight forward, and it all boils down to how two of the youngest and most electrifying quarterbacks in the NFL respond against the best defenses in the league. San Francisco allowed just 17.0 points against, and Seattle led the […]

NFL Odds

January 14, 2014

The Conference Championship games kick off Sunday at 3 pm EST. Here are the latest odds for the games themselves and as well as the Super Bowl. These odds are courtesy of Please remember these odds are reflective of Bovada odds and may be different when checking with other sportsbooks. Bovada is an industry […]

Your Betting Options For The NFL Playoffs

January 14, 2014

After a long NFL season, we are down to the final four as the conference championship round is set. We’ll see four teams that each won at least 12 games this season square off and both Championship Games will reunite some familiar faces. New England Patriots at Denver Broncos – Sunday, 3:00 PM ET The […]

NFL Odds and Sportsbook Manager Quote

January 1, 2014

“It seems that every year the last weeks leading up to the playoffs we see an influx of money on a trendy team, a team that is usually coming in hot, and we saw that with the Packers who a few weeks ago were at 50-1 now all the way down to 14-1.  The Packers […]