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People’s Parlay from Bovada (Free $10 Bet)

Scott Morris | November 27, 2013

Once again, the People’s Parlay was a winner. Last week, over 600 people shared and retweeted the parlay from the Facebook page and Twitter feed and they all scored a $10 bonus. That’s what we call easy money.

The next People’s Parlay is slated for Friday, November 29th and getting in on the action is easy. Simply sign up for a Bovada account, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and when you see us tweet  or post  the People’s Parlay, share it with all of your friends.

Don’t forget, we post one every Friday throughout the NFL season.

It’s the People’s Parlay and it’s just one more reason Bovada has become the people’s choice. We are your one-stop online gaming shop, so get in on the action at Bovada today.

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