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  • MLB parlay betting how to

    There Is Opportunity in Betting Baseball Parlays

    There is a general belief that parlays are for suckers. In many instances, that belief is correct. However, there is some value in exploring baseball parlays. Baseball is a unique sport because most b...
  • Parlays are bad

    Parlays Will Kill Your Bankroll

    Sometimes betting strategy is not just knowing what to bet, but its also knowing what not to bet. In this article we will be taking a look at the parlay bet, which is a very popular type of wager offe...
  • Same Game sports betting parlays

    How Same Game Parlays are Making Betting More Exciting

    Sports betting is an incredibly exciting and interesting market that many have started to be able to embrace and enjoy to its fullest in recent years within the US. Of course, there is so much that is...
  • Man wins big on longshot parlay

    Recent Huge Parlay Winnings

    All sports bettors know about the parlay. Its kind of like the lotto ticket of sports betting. The more teams you string together as a single bet, the more money you win. This is because the odds of e...
  • Parlay risks and rewards

    Live by the Parlay – Die by the Parlay

    The parlay bet offers casual sports betting fans the ability to bet as little as possible to win large sums. The practice of tagging picks together to increase the payout exponentially has been around...
  • Boosted Odds week 12 college football

    Seven Football Odds Booster Offerings Available

    The oddsbooster is feature offered by several online sportsbooks. They team together plays in a parlay fashion then add boosted odds to the offering. You may get up to an extra 20% payout on the bet v...
  • Hedging the final leg of a parlay - how much should I hedge?

    How Much Should I Hedge My Bet?

    If you are in a position to have to ask this question, congratulations. You are in a position to guarantee profit. We have discussed hedging wagers on our site before. Usually you are at the final leg...
  • parlay card

    A History of the Parlay Bet

    The word parlay can be heard in many gambling circles. Its one of the first bets you learn beside point spread and total. From an outsider’s perspective, it is mysterious word that they have not...
  • Sportsbooks Win Big This Weekend

    Sportsbooks won big during Week 5 of the NFL as bettors failed in the most bet games. Poor teams rebounded with straight up victories hurting the public bettor. One sportsbooks manager said the 13-12 ...
  • Sportsbooks Rally Sunday Comes Up Short, Public Wins Week 12

    NFL Week 12 was won by the public as the leftovers from Thanksgiving were too much for sportsbooks to make up even though the two favorites on Sunday that were most heavily bet – New England and Sea...

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