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Horizon Sports

January 9, 2014

For the past two years we have had Horizon Sports rated “A”. They were a sister company of Heritage whom also is rated “A”. Recently, one of our closest friends of SBA deposited at Horizon because they had a decent bonus and had the reputation backed by Heritage.

It wasn’t until he sent his funds that he dug a little deeper and realized Heritage and Horizon separated some time ago. There was an issue at hand also, that Horizon was not reimbursing him for his money transfer fee. According to customer service, they would reimburse him for the money transfer fee after they had received it. He then called and said they had had only given him $10 and not the full $42 of the fee. They told him that no such fee existed. He then called and spoke to a young man who said that a fee that high doesn’t exist and they would give him the benefit of the doubt with a “free play” in that amount. So, basically he would have to win a game to receive his fees.

When he objected the customer service man said “we are trying to run a business here and you cannot call after you have lost your money expecting more.” What the CS agent failed to realize, and would have if he simply pulled up the account, is that the account was fully funded and money had not been lost.

Our complainant: “I  was not desperate for the $32 difference, I simply thought I was talked down to and made promises that were not kept.” There is no pay out report since the player lost all of his funds during bowl season.  The free play was never added.

Because of the split with Heritage and the ‘less than professional’ behavior of customer service at Horizon we are downgrading them to “B grade”. If you have any experience with this sportsbook we urge you to write in to help us mold our ratings for this sportsbook.