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Mailbag Sportsbook Feedback

September 13, 2016

“I was offered a 100% “bonus” at (SBA Rating C-) and it turned out to be 100% free play which isn’t the same as cash. It was a little misleading. Also, when I contacted customer service to ask a few questions they seemed clueless.” – B.T. USA “ (SBA Rating D) stiffed me on $15,000. I […]

Feedback Needed for and HRWager

March 5, 2016

Two sportsbooks that seem to be doing a fair amount of business online are (Rating B) and (Not Rated). We lack a substantial amount of feedback from our readers about these two books. This is a call out to our readers to provide us feedback about what you liked or disliked about the […]

Recent Feedback About Sportsbooks

October 14, 2015

Three feedback queries we are making public after they have been verified: 1. Bitcoin sportsbook user writes in: “I love the sportsbook’s business model of sending and receiving bitcoins directly for bets and they have always paid but their lines are screwy. Most times I cannot find lines for pretty major American football games. ” […]

Horizon Sports

January 9, 2014

For the past two years we have had Horizon Sports rated “A”. They were a sister company of Heritage whom also is rated “A”. Recently, one of our closest friends of SBA deposited at Horizon because they had a decent bonus and had the reputation backed by Heritage. It wasn’t until he sent his funds […]

Give Feedback About Our New App Win Prize

February 13, 2013

With the success of the launch of the Android App last week, we are asking for feedback from people who have downloaded it.  What are your thoughts and feelings about the app etc.? Hundreds have downloaded it.   We would like to hear what you think. We will randomly select two of the feedback providers to […]

Sportsbook Advisor Feedback

November 13, 2012

Recently we received a wave of emails telling us how people like our news and our sports picks. We really appreciate the emails and would like to take this time to share them with you as well as invite you to send us your own feedback . We  need feedback from site users to be able to grow the site and […]