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Consensus Wagering Last Three NFL Games

December 25, 2016

We have three NFL games left on the board for this week. This is a consensus report that will be reporting, number of tickets bet per team and amount of money. The amounts are gathered from our top sportsbooks. The live odds for these sportsbooks can be seen by clicking here.

Further analysis:

The ATP (against the public) plays typically occur when the money and the tickets are both lopsided on the same side. The closest thing to that is Detroit. However, typically we don’t consider a consensus until the % hits 66% minimum.

Game                        Line         % of tickets        % of money

4:30 pm EST
Baltimore                 +5.5             53.5%                  57%
Pittsburgh                 -5.5             46.5%                  43%

8:30 PM EST
Denver                      +3               41%                     59%
Kansas City               -3                59%                    41%

Monday, 8:30PM EST
Detroit                      +6.5             63.5%                   75%
Dallas                        -6.5             36.5%                   25%



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