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  • which teams to avoid early season

    Stay Away from Betting This Team Early

    As NFL bettors head into the 2022 season, preparations continue for what hopes to be a strong year for the bankroll. Part of that preparation should include watching out for a few key teams. There is ...
  • public betting trends Sweet 16

    Sweet 16 Bet Report and ATP Picks

    Its time for the big games. The betting public has had all week to throw down their money on teams against the spread. Earlier in the week the Sweet 16 betting spreads were issued and the public has r...
  • Betting against the public

    ATP or Against the Public Betting – What Do You Know?

    What do you know about contrarian or ATP betting? Do you know that betting against the public has been around almost as long as sportsbooks themselves? It is said that some of the early operators of s...
  • November 13, 2020 NFL action report

    NFL Week 14 Public Action Report

    As we do every week, we are reporting the betting public’s action. The lines start to dribble out Sunday Night and are live at most sportsbooks by Monday morning.  The public then has six days ...
  • NFL public betting report

    NFL Week 10 Lopsided Action Report

    As we did earlier with college football, we are now bringing you the NFL lopsided action report. You can use the public action report to either avoid betting along with the public, or as some people d...
  • whos betting what lsu alabama

    Alabama vs LSU Sportsbook Public Betting Report

    There Alabama vs LSU game is garnering all types of attention. That goes for media and sports betting as well. There is no bigger marquee game than this one. So it is in that vein that we look at the ...
  • college football public betting report

    College Football Public Betting Report

    Entering the third full week of football we see some pretty good match-ups on the board. Many seasoned sports bettors like to see which way the general public is betting on marquee match-ups. It helps...
  • Texas A&M vs Clemson

    Sportsbook Actually Need Clemson for a Change

    When you have the best team in the country, you tend to make a lot of fans. That goes for both regular sports fans as well as sports betting fans. So, sportsbooks are not used to the position that the...
  • betting report nfl week 1

    NFL Public Betting Action Report Week 1

    We normally would wait a little later in the week to write this article but these lines have been up for a very long time. The public has had their chance to study the teams, watch the pre-season game...
  • nfl bet percentages week 1

    Public Betting Percentages Week 1 NFL for 2019

    Many sports bettors and professional handicappers like to pay attention to where the money is going on games. Some look at this numbers just as a curiosity while their use them to actually help mold t...

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