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Man Cashes Parlay for $150,000

March 9, 2017

News from the camp at (SBA Rating A+) is that a man placed a parlay on UFC fights and cashed in $150K .That is a good chunk of change. Hell, that is a nice medium size home in the midwest. Usually when you hear stories on large payout parlays it is some NFL 15 teamer a guy threw together while drunk in Vegas. Not this time.

The man placed a $2,000 six teamer on UFC. That’s right, $2K on a six teamer. Not exactly what someone does with their paycheck, more of something someone does when they have much more money than $2K laying about ( probably has that much in his┬ácouch cushions).

The theory of relativity should extend to betting. A 150K payout is much more money to someone who could never afford to place a $2,000 six team parlay.

Speaking of BetOnline, they are starting their $10,000 NCAA tournament bracket this week. It is probably a good time to head over there and load up for March Madness and get a spot in that tourney pool.