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  • parlay bonus rules and details from everygam

    College Football Parlay Boost from EveryGame

    Everygame sportsbook has created a special bonus for those of you who like to play longshot parlays. If you hit a big one, Everygame will throw extra cash on top of your winnings. Here are how the par...
  • betting parlays - is it worth it?

    Should I Bet Parlays – Yes or No?

    There’s a reason why seasoned gamblers stay away from betting parlays. However, is there any situation where betting a parlay might be a good idea? The average bettor sees the plus-money odds on a p...
  • Parlays are bad

    Parlays Will Kill Your Bankroll

    Sometimes betting strategy is not just knowing what to bet, but its also knowing what not to bet. In this article we will be taking a look at the parlay bet, which is a very popular type of wager offe...
  • Dallas Mavs play on Christmas

    NBA Christmas Game Trend Picks to Bet + $20K Parlay Contest

    One of the traditions in sports which has become somewhat popular is watching/betting the NBA on Christmas Day. Granted, the NBA isn’t a family friendly product that makes you feel all warm and ...
  • Man wins big on longshot parlay

    Recent Huge Parlay Winnings

    All sports bettors know about the parlay. Its kind of like the lotto ticket of sports betting. The more teams you string together as a single bet, the more money you win. This is because the odds of e...
  • Parlay risks and rewards

    Live by the Parlay – Die by the Parlay

    The parlay bet offers casual sports betting fans the ability to bet as little as possible to win large sums. The practice of tagging picks together to increase the payout exponentially has been around...
  • Hedging the final leg of a parlay - how much should I hedge?

    How Much Should I Hedge My Bet?

    If you are in a position to have to ask this question, congratulations. You are in a position to guarantee profit. We have discussed hedging wagers on our site before. Usually you are at the final leg...
  • Free Parlay Contest

    Free Perfect Parlay Contest Wins You $100K

    Can you go 16-0 picking NFL games this weekend? Probably not. But, stranger things have happened. Why not give it a shot for free? BetOnline is offering a NFL parlay contest where you pick 15 games &a...
  • why not to bet a parlay

    Parlays are Totally Bad.. Unless You Hit One

    When sportsbooks report their profits, at least a good chunk of that number is a result of parlay bets. The parlay bet is one in which you can string together several games and have it pay off at an e...
  • Luke Falk New York Jets

    Dolphins and Jets Lines Make History

    The Miami Dolphins betting line is now at 21.5 at many shops and 21 at some others. People were chatting about the huge line all day yesterday. The Dallas -21.5 over Miami was added to the top ten lis...

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