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How Much Should I Hedge My Bet?

September 26, 2020

If you are in a position to have to ask this question, congratulations. You are in a position to guarantee profit. We have discussed hedging wagers on our site before. Usually you are at the final leg of a parlay or the championship game in a futures bet when you are asking this question. You’ve […]

Free Perfect Parlay Contest Wins You $100K

September 25, 2020

Can you go 16-0 picking NFL games this weekend? Probably not. But, stranger things have happened. Why not give it a shot for free? BetOnline is offering a NFL parlay contest where you pick 15 games & a total for your chance to win $100K. You must pick all 15 NFL games against the spread […]

Parlays are Totally Bad.. Unless You Hit One

November 17, 2019

When sportsbooks report their profits, at least a good chunk of that number is a result of parlay bets. The parlay bet is one in which you can string together several games and have it pay off at an exponential number. Sports betting purists recommend highly against this type of bet, yet many of us […]

Dolphins and Jets Lines Make History

September 17, 2019

The Miami Dolphins betting line is now at 21.5 at many shops and 21 at some others. People were chatting about the huge line all day yesterday. The Dallas -21.5 over Miami was added to the top ten list of all time large NFL spreads. Late last night, the Jets got smacked around by the […]

A History of the Parlay Bet

September 10, 2019

The word parlay can be heard in many gambling circles. Its one of the first bets you learn beside point spread and total. From an outsider’s perspective, it is mysterious word that they have not heard much in their life, if at all. Parlay has other meaning besides a type of sports bet, but those […]

Leaving Final Leg of a Parlay Open

February 10, 2018

In sports betting you may like to play parlays. They are fun to string together and can really pay off exponentially. (Recommended article Understanding Parlays – the basics). One disadvantage that I have found to playing parlays at some locations is that you have to parlay options that are on the board only. So, if […]

Understanding Parlays

February 1, 2018

If you are a novice gambler you may have heard of a parlay. But maybe you stuck to the straight wagers just because they are simpler and you don’t want to be guessing what the rules or the payouts are on exotic plays and parlays. But, it really is a simple concept. If you tell […]

SBook Pays Huge Two Teamer and NFL Action Report

November 16, 2017

Recently at A+ Rated Sportsbook, a gentleman put two heavy underdog moneylines together and put a $1500 wager on that parlay. He teamed Long Beach State +925 with Cal Riverside +725. Guess he is a fan of west coast basketball. Anyhoo, the parlay payed $126,843 and 75 cents. The good news for him is […]

Man Cashes Parlay for $150,000

March 9, 2017

News from the camp at (SBA Rating A+) is that a man placed a parlay on UFC fights and cashed in $150K .That is a good chunk of change. Hell, that is a nice medium size home in the midwest. Usually when you hear stories on large payout parlays it is some NFL 15 […]

Books Earn Small Win on Super Bowl XLIX

February 3, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX did not reach the handle that Super Bowl XLVIII took in last year. Sunday‚Äôs Super Bowl took in a $115.9 million handle in Vegas. The bookmakers eked out a small win of $3.3 million thanks to the myriad of props bets on the big game. While the handle marks the second largest […]