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Current NHL Stanley Cup Odds

February 19, 2018

Even though Hockey is a distant number four on North America’s favorite sports to bet, it has plenty of fans and plenty of bettors. Some of the more consistent betting in all of sports is Hockey. The sport isn’t loaded with prima donnas or players dating the Kardashians. The lineups each night are very consistent.

The NHL playoffs begin April 11 and much can happen between now and then. But if you have feeling who will win it all here are the current sportsbook NHL Stanley Cup Odds :

Tampa Bay Lightning+600
Vegas Golden Knights+600
Boston Bruins+800
Nashville Predators+800
Pittsburgh Penguins+800
Toronto Maple Leafs+1000
Winnipeg Jets+1000
Washington Capitals+1600
St. Louis Blues+1800
Anaheim Ducks+2200
Dallas Stars+2200
Minnesota Wild+2500
San Jose Sharks+2800
Calgary Flames+2800
New Jersey Devils+2800
Philadelphia Flyers+3300
Los Angeles Kings+4000
Columbus Blue Jackets+5000
New York Islanders+5000
Colorado Avalanche+6600
Carolina Hurricanes+6600
New York Rangers+7500
Chicago Blackhawks+10000
Edmonton Oilers+30000
Detroit Red Wings+30000
Florida Panthers+30000
Montreal Canadiens+50000