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NFL Will Recover with Help of Sports Betting

March 31, 2018

We are all well aware of the troubles the NFL has had with ratings last season. Wether that decline in ratings is due to slower moving games (replay), less violent hits, or players kneeling during the national anthem is unclear at this point. The cold hard fact is that NFL ratings and profits are down a significant amount (about 10% decline from year previous).

Just in time to possibly save the NFL from this major drop off are the current sports betting bills being considered in many states. And it just so happens that a major study called the NFL Season Recap published by MoffettNathanson Research suggest that totally legalized sports betting would give the NFL a 10% boost in ratings (and revenue). This would basically mitigate the losses.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been against legal sports betting for many years. Now but his camp has become less vocal on the issue as it appears full legalization in many states is imminent. Management from other major sports are already jockeying for a cut of the sports betting revenue.

Companies like Draftkings and William Hill are aggressively moving to secure a share in the burgeoning American sports betting market. Their strategy appears to partner with existing betting infrastructures, like horse tracks and lottery companies, to secure the quickest integration possible. After they have a good foothold they can then concentrate on building new brick and mortar outlets and, of course, in-country online betting systems.

Many in the industry think that this will all happen this year. For sports betting news updates make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter: