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Lebron James Next Team Odds

June 12, 2018
where will lebron go?

Why on Earth people bet certain props is beyond me. I mean, the likelihood that you have real inside information on a national topic is remote. But, some people get hunches and they want to bet on them.

One of the more popular betting props on the board right now is where will Lebron James play basketball next year?

Many basketball fans feel that the way the season ended in Cleveland (swept by the Warriors in the Finals) left a bitter taste in Lebron’s mouth and that he will want to join forces with a team with better odds of winning a championship. They also feel that he paid the imaginary debt to the city of Cleveland by winning a title there and now he is free to leave.

Currently, Cleveland is not the overall favorite to have Lebron James on the roster next year, the Lakers are:

LA Lakers +100
Cleveland Cavaliers +400
Philadelphia 76ers +400
Houston Rockets +700
Boston Celtics +1000
San Antonio Spurs +1000
LA Clippers +2500
Miami Heat +3300
Golden State Warriors +3300

odds provided by BetOnline

My own personal feelings are that there is no way he wil join the Warriors. That would look like a “can’t beat em’, join em'” move. And he has already been accused of that when he went to Miami.

He won’t go to Boston because that is where his disaffected former teammate Kyrie Irving went. He won’t go to Miami because he has “been there and done that.” I see him most likely joining forces with Houston who almost beat Golden State in semi-finals. The Rockets, 76ers and the Lakers seem to be the most logical moves.

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